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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  October 28, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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live and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. this is breaking news. >> good afternoon, everybody. in maryland, a family who lost their son six years ago is speaking out after a cold case arrest. chris was shot to death early thanksgiving morning in 2004. now the breaking details in this
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case. brad. >> this has been a notorious murder mystery for six years. it is known as the bennington's murder -- binnigan's made. mader was only 23. he left working at the restaurant and was shot and killed. the shot came through the driver's side window of the car. it remains unsolved for years. the sheriff's department in charles county this morning told us they got a tip not long ago, in this year, a man named matthew, 29 years old, has a long criminal history. mother says it is a
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relief to know the case is solved. >> it's good that he's behind bars. he will spend the rest of his time just like eyes and the rest of my life. my son is here inspirit andes resting well today knowing this. -- and he is resting well. >> they believe that he was the shooter in a botched robbery. and that two other suspects participated. everyone panicked when the shooting took place and fled and left mr. mader to die. police have arrested a suspect in this six-year-old murder
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mystery. abc 7 news, brad bell. now some other breaking news. investigators in utah are searching a plane wreck after getting a bomb threat. this was a skywest flight from helena, montana, that landed at salt lake city international a few hours ago. all 46 passengers have been taken off the plane. someone called in the data about an explosive device on the flight. the passengers are being interviewed while the airplane is being searched. new details about the virginia man behind a deadly terror plot targeting metro. the fbi learns months ago that the 34-year-old farooque ahmed wanted to go overseas to fight against the u.s.. he's in custody. his arrest has left the region shaken. courtney robinson has the latest from arlington. >> he is in federal custody
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today. his home raided by authorities yesterday. there are questions such as who this virginia resident from pakistan is. this is his blueprint. a map of washington post's metro system and four targets, according house, arlington cemetery, pentagon city, and crystal city metro stops. he was planning to bomb the stations in 2011 during peak travel times by using rolling suitcases packed with explosives. >> pretty scary. hopefully, the police can't do what they can't. on glad they caught the person. >> he had a specific focus of military personnel. yesterday's arrest was on the minds of many people at the court house station. >> glad they got him. >> six months he met with agency
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believed to be al qaeda. >> the good guys did their job well. >> it is shocking to residents in his ashburn neighborhood, a bedroom community out of a norman rockwell painting. >> a very quiet neighborhood. it is gorgeous. nothing that we would expect. >> the neighbors did not know him or his wife or son. they said the family did nothing to get noticed. know people very well. >> at no point was anyone in danger. the man is expected in court this friday. courtney robinson reporting from arlington. a young woman is dead after a crash on 95. newschopper 7 was over the scene in fairfax county at 7:00 yesterday evening. and suv lost control and overturned. eunna woolen ri
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was killed at the scene. she was the passenger. her mother is in the hospital. a funnel cloud yesterday turned into a tornado eventually. a tornado on tuesday injured 11 people and damaged houses and businesses. steelers wind knocked down the wall of a church. high wind being blamed for the tragic death of a student at notre dame. the college student was videotaping of football practice for the school when the platform collapsed. he fell to the ground and later died at a hospital. the powerful wind knocked over the platform. wednesday brought wild weather to our region as well. adam caskey, it is nearly november, but it does not feel like it today.
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still 76 degrees. >> another unseasonably warm day, more like springtime. yesterday the humidity levels were similar to those in july. humidity is dropping today, the first of several transitions to more of a fall-like weather pattern that will be in effect tonight. sunrise in frederick, 67 degrees. the dew point of 37. less humid air. cooler air working into the region. it will take time to settle into place. it is 71 in oxon hill. mid 70's this afternoon with sunshine. cold the next couple nights. we will talk about that. >> thank you > day four of testimony in the chandra levy murder trial. a former girlfriend of the suspect taking the stand. >> testimony is under way once
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again in the case. we heard from a computer experts who said that when she looked through chandra levy's computer, she saw rock creek park and information on gary condit. and the ex-girlfriend of ingmar guandique named iris portillo was on the stand. in an earlier statement she asked him why he was here? prosecutors tried to pinpoint when he made a statement, but his ex-girlfriend could not identify a time line. she said yesterday she was not responsible for the injuries found on him around the time of chandra levy's disappearance. another witness testified that ingmar guandique got the injuries while in a fight with someone. he was charged with the murder of chandra levy in 2001.
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the washington intern's disappearance has made national headlines. today is expected to be the last day of testimony this week. closing arguments expected this afternoon in the trial of a man accused of killing a music producer. raymond brown, known as scottie beads, and killed during an attempted carjacking in 2006. jamal alexis is charged with the killing. jurors will hear that case this afternoon. a road was blocked in montgomery county due to a downed tree and power line. that closed randolph road in both directions between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue. still closed. therviers mill road is an alternate. county officials have signed off on a proposal to increase water bills by up to 10%. the washington suburban sanitary commission plans to rebuild the
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infrastructure to prevent major water main breaks like we have seen. some neighbors say the extra cost is worth it in the long run. >> if they are going to do preventive maintenance and work on new infrastructure. >> we already pay high electricity bills and high water bills. >> this rate hike would add about $5 a month to the average residential bill. two students accused of operating a drug lab at georgetown university are back hoje in massachusetts. -- back home. they were sent to their parent'' houses and will have to wear ankle monitors. police arrested them saturday for allegedly making a hallucinogenic drug known as dmt. students at northwestern high school are mourning today after the sudden death of a well-known leader. the high school president died
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on wednesday. he died of natural causes. it is a jesuit high school that has educated generations of boys in the district. funeral arrangements are still being made. i love your show. >> coming up, confrontational, d. the president shows up for a stand-up, but the laughs are few and far between. we have a warning for drivers, a recall you need to know about > driving to stay alive, the real time impact of being drunk behind the wheel, according to police. all that and what to expect in a the skies for the holiday
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take a closer look at keith fimian
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and his inspection business. fimian's former business partner said fimian lied, his record "built upon a fraud." his business sued more than 40 times. slapped with thousands in liens. its corporate status revoked. now we learn fimian signed a campaign pledge that protected tax breaks for corporations outsourcing jobs. fraud, failed policies. unfortunately, that's keith fimian.
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five days until election day. president obama is on the airwaves and on the road trying to drum up democrats to get to the polls. pamela brown has the latest. >> this is a very nice set. it reminds me of the convention. >> when it came down to politics, there was no laughing off between president obama and jon stewart. >> you ran with such audacity, yet, legislatively, it has felt timid at times. >> this notion that health care was timid. >> bearing the brunt of american
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frustration. democrats face big losses in congress and many races are surprisingly neck-and-neck, like the one in alaska. >> are useful slopping? >> and not at all. >> one of the closest senate races. senator lisa macao's the on the verge of beating the man who beat her in the primary -- rakows >> earlier this year usage secure -- use a the social security needs to be eliminated. >> i never said that. >> allegations that the screen machines were pre-programmed for fraud. >> i will not stand for any instances of fraud.
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>> president obama will attend a rally in charlottesville to throw support behind tom perriello, one of the most endangered house democrats. pamela brown, abc news. it's thursday, hard to believe it's the end of october, 75 degrees. that is crazy. >> another very warm day, like yesterday. we are in the transition back to a more fall-like condition. >> i feel it. more natural. >> late october weather. here is the time lapse of the sun rise over the district. early-morning fog burning off. we are off to a lot of sunshine now. a beautiful day. it is comfortable in the mid-
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70s. 75 in williamsburg. 74 in centreville. 67 in germantown. 76 in the district. the dew points numbers yesterday were at 70 degrees. that is what it feels like in july with the humidity. if with dropping humidity, that is the first change we are experiencing behind the cold front. let's go to the graphics. 75 at reagan national. 58 in cumberland, 77 ins fredericksburg. in the 40's in chicago. 50 in lexington. the cooler air will continue slowly pushing in due to the northwesterly winds throughout the rest of the day today and especially tonight through tomorrow. you will feel the difference by tomorrow morning. we will be in the upper 30's tomorrow morning, mid 40's downtown. the action right now is mainly out to sea.
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that is all out to sea. nothing of concern around year. we will be in a dry weather pattern through the weekend. a lot going on this weekend between the marine corps marathon and colleen. there's rain by the middle of next week. upper 30's tonight in the shenandoah valley, low to mid 40's downtown. you will feel the changes. tomorrow afternoon, low to mid 50's despite sunshine. 57 or 58 for the afternoon high temperature. a breeze northwesterly gusting up to 20 five. 60 on saturday, colleen looking great. for the marathon runners, looks great, starting the day in the 40's. >> they have been working hard. a good reward. the fight to leave the what -- lead the washington teachers union is headed to a runoff.
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george parker is trailing by 20 votes. nathan saunders needs 51% of the votes. the runoff will be conducted by mail next month. police are demonstrating the danger of being drunk behind the wheel. in southwest, officers are showing the real time effects of drinking and driving. if volunteers had a few drinks and were put through a battery of a field sobriety tests. others got behind the wheel while wearing goggles that simulates the effect of being drunk. major weekend traffic alerts. several big events in d.c. mean a number of road closures. the rally of stephen colbert and then there's the red bulls sound , the howard university homecoming parade, and the marine corps marathon. go to for a complete
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list. coming up, the latest bank announcing its own foreclosure mess. wells fargo planning to six thousands of mistakes. is all of the airport security doing any good? there's new criticism from across the pond. >> today on "oprah," a special event, after 45 years the gecko: good news sir, i just got an email from the office and word is people really love our claims service. gecko: 'specially the auto repair xpress. repairs are fast and they're guaranteed for as long as you own your car. boss: hey, that's great! is this your phone? gecko: yeah, 'course. boss: but...where do you put...i mean how do you...carry... waitress: here you go. boss: thanks! gecko: no, no i got it, sir. anncr: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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wells fargo plans to fix mistakes on 55,000 foreclosure cases. the company will be-filed documents in 23 states have due to technical errors, but the
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company has no plans to hold the foreclosure process in any of these cases. three major mortgage lenders suspended foreclosures earlier this month because of flawed paper work. nissan is recalling more than 2 million vehicles worldwide over an ignition problem. it could stall the engine. the recall includes the nissan cube along with the infiniti luxury model. they were manufactured between 2003 and 2006. forcing passengers to take off their shoes, the chairman of british airways calls the security measure redundant and says international airlines should not kowtow to the americans every time they want something done. some aviation experts say that he's right. >> we keep searching for things that are not harmful anymore.
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terrorists are not carrying the kinds of things we are looking for. but the criticism comes as the tsa plans to introduce another screening message. if a passenger refuses to go through the body scanner, the agents will get a pat down. through the body scanner, the agents will get a pat down.
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>> coming up this evening at 5,
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an in-depth look at the darker side of bullying. so vicious, on thi abc 7 news at 5. changes headed our way. >> colon by tomorrow afternoon by 20 degrees. because of a cold front. tomorrow and into the weekend, gusty winds out of the north, highs in the upper 50s tomorrow, 20 degrees cooler than this afternoon. a lot of sunshine this weekend. great weather for the trick-or- treaters. highs on sunday in the mid-60s. around 64 the trick-or-treaters and into the 50s. mike and barbara have a place in the blue ridge. this is the picture they took of the fall colors. >> beautiful. thanks. debora wonderful day, everybody. we will see you at 4:30 in the
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morning. go
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